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New Deadline

Applications for projects may be submitted any time throughout the year. Applications must be received at least four (4) weeks before the beginning of the project.

Purpose of the Program

PDAC ArtsSmarts serves as a facilitator to the process of learning through art.

ArtsSmarts grants offer the opportunity to develop skills, capacity, and confidence in using an art form as a tool for exploration and learning. These explorations are short-term and collaborative. Projects involve one local artist and one youth/community group.

Grants will not exceed $5,000.

The program aims to achieve the following goals:

    •to encourage local artists and youth/community members to work in partnership to develop and plan for ways         to explore the arts through creative problem- solving

    •to provide opportunities for artists to share their expertise and explore arts methods with youth/community members.

Eligible Applicants

Teaching artists must be practising, professional artists who currently reside in or near Portage la Prairie. A professional artist is someone who has specialized training in the field (academic or experience), who is recognized as such by his/her peers (artists working in the same artistic tradition), and who has a history of public presentation or publication.

Youth/Community learning organizations and clubs, after- school programs, and nursery schools are eligible to apply. School youth organizations are also eligible.

Eligible Projects

Nature of Projects: Artists and youth/community work together, through brainstorming and planning sessions, technical workshops to discover how the artist’s discipline may serve as a tool for creative, hands-on learning through creative problem-solving. All age-appropriate themes and art forms are eligible.

Project Length and Schedule: Projects can consist of one or multiple sessions with the artist. Group leaders and artists must prepare a tentative schedule to be included with the application.

Eligible Costs

•Artists are to be paid at a rate of $50/hour. This includes all aspects of the exploration, including planning/brainstorming meetings with group leaders, and contact time.

•Purchase of materials and equipment rental that are necessary to the project, such as clay, paints, wood, software, etc., may not exceed 20% of total budget.

Ineligible Costs

•Travel expenses and accommodations. Artists are expected to live within reasonable proximity to Portage and District.

•Capital purchases of major equipment such as computers, cameras, kilns, drums, musical instruments.

Application Procedure

A telephone consultation prior to preparing an application is recommended. This will clarify any information required and advise you of the eligibility of your proposal. Contact the PDAC office if you don’t receive confirmation of receipt of your application.

Prior to applying for a grant:

1.Identify the prime project coordinator who will facilitate the project and manage all communication and funding.

2.Select a local artist who will agree to work with your group for the project.

3.Develop a project idea in consultation with your artist.

Fill in the attached application form and submit to PDAC ArtsSmarts.

Approval Process

Grants are approved by the PDAC ArtsSmarts committee using the following criteria:

the artistic and educational merit of the project.

the partnership of a local artist with our local youth.

the ability of the group to carry out the project within appropriate time, space, and financial constraints.

Decisions on approved projects will be made within three weeks of the deadline for applications. Fifty percent of the grant will be provided upon approval and the remainder will be paid out at project conclusion. A funding agreement will be signed between the PDAC ArtsSmarts and the Project Coordinator.

Reporting Requirements

Upon completion of the project, the coordinator will submit a Final Report, , which includes a summary statement of the completed work, including pictures or video, and the process, as well as a financial Information form outlining the dispensation of funds.

Information for Applicants

It is the responsibility of the applicant to report any changes or cancellations in the project. Major changes such as substituting a different artist, are subject to approval by the PDAC ArtSmarts committee.

The applicant agrees to the publication use of any information pertaining to the project by PDAC ArtsSmarts, including pictures and summary statements on the ArtSmarts website. The applicant will be responsible for obtaining permission from participants for such use.

Acknowledgement of the support provided by PDAC ArtsSmarts should appear in any publicity materials.


Please direct any questions to:

Lori Blight, PDAC Executive Director

Phone:  (204) 239-6029

Email:  pdac@mts.net

This form can be downloaded, printed, filled in, and mailed or delivered to PDAC.

This form can be downloaded, filled in, saved, and emailed to PDAC.